Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Welcome to PIE's Buoy Blog!
Over the course of the next few months, we will be posting updates from the artists who have generously agreed to create buoys for our auction on Arts Night, Friday August 10th!
The buoys we chose are wooden and come in a variety of styles from B & B Lobster Traps and Supply down in York. Many of the buoys are already with their artists, and the rest are looking forward to being united soon! Here's just a taste of the folks who are participating:

Elaine Crossman
Suzanne Heller
Kitty Wales
Jackson Gregory
Chris Clarke
Britta Lindgren 
Alison Thibault
Stephanie Crossman
Heather White
Jim Conlan
Angie Olson
Adam White
Susan Philbrook
Lois Candage
Marguerite White
Torry Pratt
Bill Chilles
Susan and Isa Raven (I'm particularly excited about this one!)

Hopefully, there will be photos of buoys in progress as the months go on, and finished buoys by the summer!
If you would like a buoy but haven't contacted me yet, you're in luck! We will be ordering more before the summer due to the number of volunteers.
Thank you all for making this fabulous fundraiser possible!!

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