Sunday, July 29, 2012

faux scrimshaw

For those of you who have stopped into Island Spirits over the last week, you've been lucky enough to have seen this buoy in person.
Faux Scrimshaw
by Chris Clarke
(I know Chris is a fan of cats, so he wouldn't mind the one who decided to model with his buoy).
Now, you may be wondering why, if Chris gave me his buoy last week, it's taken so long to get it up on the blog.
Particularly since it's so awesome.
Well, it's a lot of pressure taking photos of these beautiful pieces and to post a few photos here and hope people like them enough to come and see them in person.

For whatever reason, Chris' buoy was a bit camera shy and hard to capture. I don't know if any image will ever do any of these buoys justice.
The finish on it in reality looks like old bone (someone actually mistook it for a whale bone). 
It is rife with Chris's trademark precision, and is inked from top to bottom, following the scrimshaw theme.
Because Chris means for this buoy to be displayed horizontally, and because there is a 360 degree design on it, he's even included these handy little knots to help keep the buoy in place, and they're adjustable so you can have a different view every day, if you like!
Less than two weeks, folks! This is getting exciting.

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