Thursday, July 26, 2012

shacks on the side of a buoy

Heather White is one of those people who can do anything.
We all know someone like that, right? They're pretty great to have around, especially when they're as generous as Heather is.
Not only has she donated this (awesome) buoy to our auction, but she ALSO took home a second upon dropping this one off AND has been working hard on the Arts Night committee for the past several months to make our little event shine.

Appropriately titled "Shacks on the side of a buoy", Heather took a concept from her Art classes (she's the Art teacher at the Vinalhaven School) and created these 3D (but really 2D) houses out of matboard and nailed them to the buoy, which has been painted deep purple and white (with just a touch of silver for distressing)

In case you didn't notice, I couldn't take enough photos of this buoy.

I'm really looking forward to Heather's next submission - this is a real work of art.

Thanks, Heather!

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