Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the youngest buoy

This is the buoy I'd been looking forward to more than any other...I was very excited to see what Isa Raven would come up with for our buoy auction and I was not disappointed.

What a lovely buoy covered in my very favorite summer flower, lupines. 
Isa was almost completely responsible for the design apart from a few assists from her mom, Susan.

My absolute favorite part is that you can see her fingerprints in the petals of the lupines. Isa said she started with her thumbs first to make the petals at the bottom of the lupines and used smaller fingers as she went up, finishing with her pinky.

I have a feeling there will only be more exciting things to come out of this young artist in the upcoming years - surely this buoy is an early work and worthy investment in the future.

Thank you so much, Susan and Isa! This is definitely one of my very favorite buoys!

To see this buoy in person, stop by the old 64 building!

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