Thursday, August 9, 2012

zentangle buoy

How cool is this buoy?

Designed by Jenn Gehnrich, I think she really captured the spirit of the auction - and of Vinalhaven.

It was impossible to capture all the detail in this buoy - I've tried to give a view from every angle, but I know I've missed a lot. My favorite part is the buoys that are part of the design - I counted and think I know how many there are...

The nautical theme, which I think balances well with the intricacy of the design....

the personalized features that give a little nod to Vinalhaven - the compass rose, the wind turbines, the buoys, the anchor.

Zentangles are a concept that Heather White was using in her Art classes this year, and I'm pretty sure that's what inspired this creation (am I right, Jenn?).

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